Avaya IX JEM24 Expansion Module


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– Provides 24 additional line/feature buttons for your Avaya J169 or J179 IP phone
– Each button has a dual red/green indicator
– When a single JEM24 is connected, it offers 3 x 24 pages of buttons; when multiple JEM24s are connected, each offers a single page of 24 buttons
– Provides color display when connected to J179 and grayscale display when connected to J169
– Brightness is adjustable from the connected base IP phone
– Up to three JEM24s can be connected to an Avaya J169 or J179 IP phone
– Power is supplied by base IP phone (increases PoE to class 2)
– External 5V power supply is required if adding two or more JEM24
– Compatible with Avaya J169 and J179 IP phones
– No additional licensing is required when adding the Avaya JEM24 button module

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Dimensions 9.4 × 7.9 × 2.9 in


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