Automatic Call Distribution Enterprise


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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a purchasable feature to support call center environments allowing for more customizable call distribution management. Adding this feature to your IP PBX product will allow your system the ability to be used as an IP call center. The following describes how ACD can distribute your calls in different ways:
All Agent Ringing ‚Äî All of the Agents’ phones will ring simultaneously with an incoming call.
Round Robin ‚Äî Each of the Agents’ phones will ring sequentially until the call is picked up by an Agent.
Longest Idle — The call is sent to the Agent who has been idle the longest since their last call.
Less Busy During Last Half Hour — The Agent who has been the least busiest during the last 30 minutes will receive the call.
Random Hunting — Calls are routed to Agents at random.
Skills — The Agent who has the highest composite skill grade will receive the call.


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